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‚Äč Top 10 Most Popular Hexagon Tiles

Top 10 Most Popular Hexagon TilesAre you looking for a classic look that is affordable and timeless. Check out these gorgeous hexagon tile options available at PDTM!Yes I said Hexagon! Hexagon tile - or hex tile - is also called honeycomb tile beca
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Top 5 Most Popular Hexagon Tile Flooring

Top 5 Best Hexagon Tile Flooring Options | Portland Direct Tile & Marble 1) BLACK FOX PORCELAIN 8" HEXAGON MATTE TILE http://www.pdtm.com/black-fox-porcelain-8-hexagon-matte-tile/ 2)TERRA MIX 8" HEXAGON http://www.pdtm.com/terra-mix-8-hexag
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Learn more about PDTM

Portland Direct Tile & Marble Portland Direct Tile & Marble is a locally-owned company with years of experience in the tile and floor covering industry. We feature only the highest-quality products, including marble, glass, granite, porcelain, traver
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