Free Design Consultation


We simplify this overwhelming process for you—so you will not only find it more manageable, but you will actually enjoy it! All you need to do is take advantage of our Free Half Hour Complimentary Design Consultation.  Meet with an experienced interior designer/tile expert in our 4000 Sq. Ft. showroom in Northwest Portland.We understand that there are many people like you who need professional help and expertise for many, varied types of interior décor and space-planning problems.  We are glad to be there for you when you need us for the “little” things—because we know that once you experience our top-notch service, you will call on us when you are ready to do the big jobs. Too, we value building a trusting relationship with you.  

What to bring

Bring Measurements

Samples of Current Surfaces (Cabinetry, Paint, Fabrics)

Pictures or Videos of the Project Space

 Showroom Location:

Northwest Industrial Area of Portland

4411 N.W. Yeon Avenue Portland, Oregon 97210


Call (503) 230-9500